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Technical area Description Examples Typical energy use
Industry – light to medium Manufacturing facilities producing consumer intermediates or end user oriented products • clothing,
• consumer electronics
• home appliances, furniture
• plastics• fabrication
• speciality chemicals
• food processing
• water and waste water treatment
Typical energy uses:
• process heating (electricity,natural gas, coal or other source)
• machine drive (pumps, fans compressed air, materials handling)
• steam systems
• small cooling towers
• other process uses
• building energy uses (lighting,HVAC, hot water, portable devices)
Industry – heavy Manufacturing facilities requiring high capitalization and consuming large quantities of raw materials and energy • chemicals
• steel and metals
• oil refining
• ship-building
• pulp and paper mills
• industrial machinery
• semiconductors
• cement and ceramic
Typical energy uses:
• process heating (electricity,natural gas, coal or other source,raw materials, intermediates)
• process cooling and refrigeration
• machine drive (pumps, fans compressed air, materials handling)
• turbines, condensers
• steam systems
• large cooling towers
• transportation
Buildings Facilities with standard commercial building practices • offices
• lodging
• retail
• warehouse
Typical energy uses:
• portable devices
• water heating
• lighting
• heating and cooling systems,related fans
• pumping systems
Building complexes Facilities with operations requiring specific expertise due to the complexity of energy sources and uses • health care facilities
• laboratories
• data centres
• educational campuses
• military and government campuses with integrated energy supply (district heating and cooling)
• municipalities
Typical energy uses:
• centralized and district heating and cooling systems
• portable devices
• water heating
• lighting
• local HVAC
• compressed air, materialshandling systems
• elevator /lifts
Transport System or means for transporting people or goods/cargo • passenger services (vehicle,train, ship, airplanes)
• municipalities
• trucking services
• fleets
• rail operations
• cruise lines
• airlines, airfreight
• fleets
Typical energy uses:
• mobile energy uses
• lighting
• portable devices
• materials handling
• sources (fuel oil, electricity,coal, etc.)
Mining Open cast, underground andfluid extraction of raw materials and transport • mineral separation
• hydrometallurgy
• smelting and refining
• oil and gas drilling operations
• gas and oil pipelines
Typical energy uses:
• extraction
• transportation on (loaders,trucks, and conveyors)
• machine drive (water pumping,ventilation, turbines, fans)
• materials preparation (crushing,grinding, separation)
• steam systems, condenser and cooling towers
Agriculture Livestock, seed or crops products • farming
• seed production
• hauling of materials
• animal production
Typical energy uses:
• extraction
• sources (fuel oils electricity,natural gas, coal, etc.)
• renewables (biomass, solar,geothermal, etc.)
• transport
• motors
• drives, (pumps, fans, materialhandling)
• pumps
• water treatment
• dryers
Energy supply Energy generation (nuclear, CHP,electricity, renewable, etc.) and transport (transmission and distribution) power generation (coal, oil,natural gas, renewable, CHP,IGCC, etc.) Typical energy uses:
• raw materials transformation
• transmission and distribution turbines
• combustion
• steam systems
• condenser and cooling towers

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